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Why you should put yourself first?

We’ve all been in these situations – you’re to do list is packed with things that have to be done the same day, you have to pass the bank and your assurance company somewhere during the day to discuss latest changes in your contract, you have to call your family member who has not been well lately, you have to think about getting something to eat for the dinner and in fact you are dreaming about renewing some furniture in your house but for this you would like to pass by few shops to see what you like before deciding… So how do you make room for all these things? You overwork, cancel your lunchtime yoga session or run with a colleague, cut back on socializing and even skip few meals…


Before we notice, this becomes our daily routine – overbooking our schedule with never stopping errands and cutting back on activities that really fuel us. However the feeling of being fully alive, confident  and full of energy comes from inside and from what really matters to us. When we take care of ourselves, we are helping our bodies to fight stress, live fully and experience and face life with full aptitude. 


It is a pity to see that promoting self-care has become kind of next “aromatic candle” you have to buy in order to feel good. It is important to remind ourselves that self-care does not mean high budget and new expensive yoga mat to buy. You can establish an easy daily self-care routine that works for you. If you follow your routine daily, you can always count on it, also on days that you feel less good. It will nourish and stabilize you no matter what happens around.


When establishing your self-care routine, you should first assess – when is the most convenient time of day for me when I am not disturbed and need some centering -  maybe in the morning before the rest of the family wakes up, maybe in the afternoon when you need a small kick-start to feel motivated, maybe in the evening when winding down and looking back at your day. The routine itself does not have to be long, 5-10 minutes is more than enough to feel centered again.


Here are few simple self-care habits that you could try to see what fits best for you:

  • Breathing, breathing, breathing – breath in on 4 counts, hold breath for 3 counts, breath out 7 breaths – do three rounds of these! I use these breathing techniques also during the day, when I am in a traffic jam or in another stressful situation. It truly helps!
  • Meditation – it takes some time to master it but it is worth! Try the Headspace app if your need some guidance!
  • Go for a short walk in the nature or park!
  • Make it a party to prepare nourishing food for yourself! Pay attention to all the process of preparing your plate, add some herbs, grinds of special salts or beautifully cut fruits to your plate. Choose beautiful plate to eat from – it will make your day special!
  • Journaling – it works for some to write down all their thoughts and dreams directly after waking up. We are still drifting for some time after waking up between the two worlds, and writing down our flashbacks from the dreams can help us sometimes to find answers to issues confronted in real life.
  • Yoga – my favorite, I’ll try to incorporate few morning sun salutations at the beginning of each day. It brings bloodstream to my whole body and gives instant boost of energy to start off the day.
  • Spend some time in boosting your creativity – can be looking at paintings that you love, coloring a mandala, reading an inspiring quote, listening to music that you love, anything that you love we’ll work!


The options are endless! I would like to hear about your self-care routines – what helps you feel centered? Do you change your routine from time to time or prefer to stick with yours?





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