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Spring cleaning in and out



Welcome Spring!!! We’ve missed you…

Days are finally getting longer and the food choices in the fresh fruits and vegetables aisles are getting more colorful giving us more choice to nourish our soul and body. Spring is  a new beginning of a cycle in nature. After winter we often feel heavy  - mentally, physically and spiritually.  Our skin is dull and blotchy and mind seems paralyzed, lacking the force of energy to start new projects.  Nevertheless, spring is a perfect time to revise, rethink, let go and  to introduce some old habits or reintroduce some new ones to your daily routine.

  1. As days are getting longer, try to get up earlier to take some time for yourself before the daily hustle begins. Mornings are great for a short yoga or a stretching routine, an energizing walk outside or just taking time in the sunrise to set an intention for your day and fixing the priorities. This extra time does not have to be long, 10-15 minutes in the morning is enough to load you with enough of energy to face the day.

  2. Try to some new physical activity outside! As the weather warms up, get yourself outside to move and challenge yourself with a new physical activity . Sign up for some tennis lessons, get out your bike and do  a ride in the evening, arrange with some friends to meet up and go for a run or a walk together. You could also just move your exercise or yoga routine outside, in your garden or in a park. Try to engage your family  when possible  - jumping on a trampoline with kids is not only fun but highly beneficial flushing out all the toxins from your body.

  3. If you have been struggling with lack of energy in the cold winter months (I’m certainly hibernating  like a squirrel during the cold months), think about ways, how you could bring fresh energy and ideas at your workspace. As an easy beginning is just to clean up and structure your table where you work, maybe add some motivational post-its, renew some photos that might be there and add  few fresh flowers. Clean table will bring you  clarity and calmness in the issues that you are facing and will boost your creativity in finding new ways to deal with what your day brings.

  4. Plan some quality time in your calendar with those who mean the most to you. Try to get rid of all the toxic relationships around you by choosing to spend your valuable time only with people whose surroundings brings you up. Revise your relationships and see where and with whom you have maybe not invested enough, or invested too much. It is often that at the end it is our partners who get least of quality time. Daily planning and organization do not qualify as quality time, so take action!

  5. Let new, local, fresh products inspire and nourish you in your daily cooking and way of eating. Start to exchange the wintery warming soups bit by bit by salads, add asparagus roots, which are appearing on the fresh food aisles, to your cooking. Find your way to the farmers markets in the weekends to choose the freshest products. Following veggies are high in season now: cauliflower, asparagus, celery, spinach, onions, radishes, turnips. For local fruits you still have to wait a bit: use frozen berries when want to have some sweets or try kiwis and blood oranges.  Try to make some fruit-vegetable smoothie for yourself in the morning or  take some radishes with you to have a healthy snack for the afternoon.

    Let me know which changes did you make and which one did feel the most powerful for you!

Happy change of season to all!